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Exotic Wildlife

There are many animals living on the 10xXx which are not indigenous to North American. These animals have proven to adapt easily to the North Texas cross-timbers climate and terrain. While some species are abundant in many parts of the state and the world, others are threatened in their native habitat but are prospering on the 10xXx. Exotic wildlife is not unique to the 10xXx Ranch, however for exotics to prosper they must have a unique habitat to reside. Because the ranch is fully enclosed and protected with an 8 ft tall mesh fence, wildlife can be retained within a large (normally well over 1000 acres) forage space, while still prevented from certain death outside the confines of the ranch. The 10xXx Ranch acts as a wildlife refuge for many exotic species such as Addax, Fallow Deer, Wildebeest, Eland, Axis, Blackbuck Antelope, Aoudad and Red Deer that are native to other parts of the world. Normally all of these species are visible on the ranch.