Dog Trot Log Cabin

The “Dog Trot” was built in 1835 in Ohio. The style is a typical Dog Trot style which has two “pens”, one for living and the other for cooking and eating, with a breezeway between the two pens. Each pen was probably built separately as the homesteading family grew, and the upstairs portion was added for an expanding family. The breezeway was for people to sleep during the summer, a great place for family conversation, and the dogs to mingle all year round….hence the name “Dog Trot”. The cabin was moved from Ohio to the 10xXx Ranch in 2002 and rebuilt on Penny Lake. The Mitchell’s added the Texanna type porches on the east and west sides, and windows for viewing. While there are only two sleeping areas, they are huge. Each bedroom can sleep up to eight people. There are four bathrooms in the cabin. The cabin is heated and cooled by a Geothermal system which uses Dime Lake as the heat exchanger to run the heating and air conditioning. The cabin is located on Penny Lake in the very back and isolated part of the 10xXx Ranch. Kids enjoy “camping out” in the stone fence enclosed yard. The night sky views and sounds of the lake and wildlife are very impressive.