While everyone objects to the useless and obscene slaughter of animals, hunting on the 10xXx is the method that is used to control both population and genetics. Unless an animal is a danger to humans or other animals, or the offending animal is destroying ranch land, trees, or other ranch property (such as Feral Hogs), wild mammals are never taken as a killing sport. Hunting mammals on the 10xXx Ranch is a harvest sport that not only provides food, but also it truly provides a means of bettering the lives or genetics of the existing wildlife population.

Feral Hogs

One of the invasive species of animals which have been introduced by European settlers is the Feral Hog. The hogs have been in Texas since the 1680s and were important livestock to the early settlers who usually allowed their animals to roam free. Texas is now home to an estimated 2 million feral hogs, and they can be found in almost every county of Texas. The population and range of the beasts have expanded rapidly because they are extremely adaptable animals with a high reproductive rate. The hogs cause so much damage to farm and ranch land, that they are fair hunting game anytime of the year.


The Western Diamondback Rattlesnake is plentiful on the 10xXx Ranch. Every year the ranch hosts a group of adventurous but somewhat misguided hunters seeking the life or death thrill of snake hunting. While the ranch has many snake dens each step toward the den is potentially lethal, so far all hunters have been cautious enough to avoid the deadly bite of the rattlesnake. The ranch is also home to the deadly Copperhead and Cottonmouth Water Moccasin.


One of the standout features of the Ten Triple X Ranch is its abundance of water (just take a look at the map). The ranch is crisscrossed with numerous creeks feeding many lakes and ponds. Some of the largest lakes include Mitchell Lake, Cojo Lake, Dime Lake, Penny Lake, Tuggle Lake, and Newman Lake. These lakes are teaming with Black Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Catfish, Bluegill, and other native species. As you can see from these photos, we have a lot of fun on the water with our family and friends.
The 10xXx Ranch holds fishing “tournaments” every year to stabilize the fish population. To decrease the overpopulation of fish in one lake, the ranch holds a “catch and keep” fishing tournament in which ALL fish fitting a “slot size” are captured and moved to a lake which needs more fish. As an example, when Mitchell Lake was completed we hosted the fish tournament which allowed the ranch to move over 2000 medium to small sized Black Bass (below 3 lb.) from Penny and Dime Lakes to the new Mitchell Lake. The resulting fish move and stocking program has resulted in a healthier and more robust fish population.