White-tailed Deer

The most recognizable and hunted of all native wildlife has to be the White-tailed Deer. When the ranch was first acquired in 1997, the deer population was extremely low, almost to the point of being non-existent. This was probably due to improper harvest management, and the lack of available deer food and habitat. In 1998, the ranch planted several deer food plots, began a deer feeding program, and imported about 60 does and 10 bucks from a well-managed adjacent ranch (to stimulate the stunted White-tail genetics of the ranch). This population control and hybrid-vigor greatly improved both ranches. Through the years, the ranch has inserted over 100 more genetically superior deer into the ranch population. Combine that with an extensive habitat and feeding program and a firm ranch harvest policy which helps remove overpopulated and inferior deer from the herd, and the results are very dramatic. The ranch now has several “Breed Bucks” (that score over 2oo points by measuring their shed antlers) which are allowed to roam and breed throughout their territory of the ranch. It has been proven that White-tailed deer establish a home-range territory and will not leave that area even if starvation is the result. That’s why nutrition is absolutely necessary throughout the ranch for a trophy White-tail herd to prosper.