Ten Triple X Ranch

The Ten Triple X Ranch is located in the beautiful crosstimbers area of Bosque and Somervell Counties (which is at the very top of the Texas Hill Country and 60 miles South of Ft. Worth, Texas). The ranch is a working cattle ranch plus an outdoor paradise with over 40 lakes/ponds, over 60 miles of paved roads, over 30 miles of 8′ high fence, 10 houses for guests, two antique barns from New York (1770 Dutch Barn and 1850 English Barn), an 1835 Dog Trot Log Cabin from Ohio, a Cow Palace working cattle barn and pens, and an infinite number of scenic views and overlooks. The ranches’ nearly 10,000 acres of rolling hills and oak groves serve as home to an abundance of wildlife, including several exotic species such as Elk, Addax, Axis, Red Stag and many others. The numerous private lakes and spring-fed creeks are teeming with large numbers of Black Bass, Hybrid Striper, Bluegill, and Catfish. There are many recreational activities to enjoy on the ranch such as enjoying a cold glass of lemonade on the porch of the hunting lodge, watching wildlife in its natural habitat, enjoying the spectacle of a 50-foot waterfall crashing into a lake, and catching huge fish from the depths of Dime, Penny, CoJo, Tuggle, Newman, and Mitchell Lakes.

About The Ranch

The Ten Triple X Ranch is a rural paradise of rolling hills, oak groves, and peaceful lakes and creeks, located in the rustic beauty of Bosque & Somervell Counties at the top of the Texas Hill Country.

Our Cattle

The Ten Triple X Ranch has bred their own line of Aberdeen Angus called the 10xXx American Aberdeen Angus. More than 7 years ago we began crossing the cattle with high quality Waygu bulls, which gave birth to our 10xXx Wag-An™ cattle.

Historic Barns

Built in 1850, the Nelson Brothers Barn was originally built in New York. Today the barn has been transported to the 10xXx Ranch to be preserved for future generations.