Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book an event, or fishing and hunting trip on this ranch?

No, Sorry it a private facility property. 

Do you ever hunt the exotic species? 

Only for for population control. 

How many lakes do you have?

Five multi acre lakes and about thirty ponds

How big is the ranch?

Approximately 10,000 acres.

How many species of wildlife animals?

Whitetail, red deer, elk, addax, eland, wildebeest, fallow, oryx, buffalo, black buck antelope, Iranian red sheep (auodat), zebra, blesbok, and other typical Texas wildlife, also cattle and donkeys. 

How many roads are on the property?

We have about 60 miles of paved roads

How do you keep the wildlife in?

We have eight foot high fencing to enclose perimeter of ranch with similar fencing separating non compatible species throughout property. 

Do you allow weddings on your ranch?

No, sorry. We are not a wedding venue. 

Can I buy a beef that you sell in your commercial business?

Yes, for customers who buy a whole/or half beef, we will even let you pick your calf. We work directly with Tarlton University meats lab to develop our cuts and processing our meats. 

Do you feed your cattle in a feed yard?

No, we have free range grass and animals are always treated and processed humanely.

How did the 10xXx Ranch get its name?

The name “Ten Triple X Ranch” and brand “xXx” are homage to the telecom business that allowed Joe & Connie Mitchell to purchase the ranch. The Mitchell’s company, VarTec Telecom, had invented a new method of long distance marketing called “Dial Around” or “10 Triple X” dialing. The “10 Triple X” dialing method was hugely successful. The telecom nomenclature of “10 Triple X’ had a “ranchy” feel to it, along the lines of 40X hats, 20X Denim Jeans, Twisted X Boots, and many other Old West themes. Since Joe enjoy’s paying recognition to the “one that brought me”, he named the ranch the “Ten Triple X” or “10xXx”, with the brand of “xXx”.

To help explain the "10xXx" ranch, the information below may add to our standard explanation:

  1. The number 10 is commonly known as the best of any group....on a scale of 1 to 10, this ranch is a 10.
  2. In the same vein, XX on malt liquor stands for “double quality” and XXX stands for “strongest quality.” This designation dates back to 1827.
  3. In medieval days, inns were marked as XXX by the kings escorts as Exceptional as a place to spend the night.
  4. In western lore, the X has always stood for quality..
  5. 100X beaver hats, Long X ranch, Twisted X boots, etc,
  6. In terms of sizes, xl means extra large, thus xxxl means extra extra extra large.

Thus the 10xXx Ranch is the best of the best, highest quality, extra large cattle & wildlife ranch.