Addax nasomaculatus

Beginning in 2008, addax were declared critically endangered by the IUCN with an estimate of less than 100 individuals left in the wild. Formerly widespread in the Sahelo-Saharan region of Africa, an aerial survey in March 2016 located only three living animals in the Termit Tin Toumma region of Niger. The primary factors causing this rapid decline are uncontrolled hunting/poaching, drought, and the extension of pastoralism into desert lands. With an estimate of over 5,000 individuals located in private collections and ranches across the United States and the Middle East, there is hope for Addax. Previously, small addax populations have been released into fenced enclosures within Tunisia and Morocco. The SPA hopes to continue these successful reintroductions and potentially move forward by releasing self-sustaining populations into the wild, giving hope to the survival of in-situ (wild) Addax population.