Axis Deer

The Cheetal deer (known locally as the Axis Deer or Spotted Deer) is native to India, Nepal and the Indian subcontinent. It is the most common deer species in the Indian forests. The coat of the Axis is a reddish fawn, marked with white spots with a white belly area. The Axis has antlers (which sheds annually) and are normally three-pronged and can extend to 30 inches or more. The breeding season of the Axis is not seasonally based (as is almost all other deer) and females can birth throughout the year. For this reason, males do not have their antler cycles in synchrony as there are some fertile females at all times of the year. Males sporting hard antlers are dominant over those in velvet or those without antlers. The Axis herd is small but growing on the 10xXx Ranch and are seen frequently in the evening or early morning.