Beef Updates

Beef Updates


Since 2010, the 10xXx Ranch has been cross breeding Lowline Angus to achieve a moderate frame Angus cow that has been bred for tenderness and quality. We then wanted to add much more flavor to the beef, so we began crossing the cattle with high quality Waygu bulls.

Today, almost 6 years later, the Ranch now has achieved a superior F1 beef product, as well as created a robust cattle operation. These cattle provide a high quality unparalleled taste experience for even the most seasoned beef coinsure. Our cattle are all raised using no hormones, steroids, or chemicals. They range free across the lush plains and rolling hills of the 10,000-acre Ranch.

Coming in 2017, we plan to release this exclusive high quality beef product to not only the public, via our website, but also upscale dining, and grocery establishments around the country.

If you have interest in our beef, or would like to receive updates on the availability, please fill out the form.

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