10xXx American Aberdeen Angus

American Aberdeen Angus, formally known as Lowline Angus, were developed by the Trangie Research Centre in New South Wales, Australia. The program began in 1929 and was charged with cultivating a quality line of breeding stock for the New South Wales cattle industry. Over the next several decades, the Trangie researchers sourced champion Angus stock from Canada, with subsequent herd reinforcements from Scotland and the United States.
By the mid 1960s the genetic composition of the source herd was considered complete, and the researches turned their efforts to breeding and performance tracking. The herd was divided into three groups, according to yearling growth rate (high line, low line, and control). Over the following two decades, the Trangie researchers tracked weight gain, feed intake, reproductive performance, milk production, carcass yield and quality, and structural soundness of the three herds. The lowline group stabilized at a 30% smaller size than the high line group but with similar performance. This lowline group was named Aberdeen Angus.
In 1992 the Australian Aberdeen Cattle Association was formed, and the Aberdeen breed was officially established. The following year, after over sixty-years of research, the study animals were sold and dispersed. The smaller Aberdeen cattle proved popular for their high quality, docile nature, low birth weight, and superior economics. Within several years, Aberdeen cattle were introduced back to North America.
Today the Ten Triple X Ranch has bred their own line of Aberdeen Angus called the 10xXx American Aberdeen Angus. The 10xXx American Aberdeen Angus has been cross bred with other lines of Angus cattle creating a Lowline breed that is about 30% larger than traditional Lowline Angus. The 10xXx American Aberdeen Angus has been specifically developed to convert on grasses and to be a highly nutritious and full of natural flavor.

10xXx Wag-An™

While increasing the livestock herd on the Ten Triple X Ranch (10 xXx Ranch), Mr. Mitchell greatly understood the current beef market and promptly identified a vision for future trends, and demands for a high-quality beef product. Mr. Mitchell engaged the start of a long process, and in 2010, began to build up his Angus herd on the ranch. After several years of cross breeding low-line Angus we achieved a moderate frame Angus cow that are bred for tenderness and quality of beef. Now that the quality of the beef was present, he wanted to add much more flavor to the herd, so he began crossing the cattle with high quality Waygu bulls. By doing this the first Wag-An™ herds were born. Today, almost 7 years later, the Ranch now has achieved a superior F1 beef product, as well as created a robust cattle operation. These cattle are bred for high quality and unparalleled taste, all while raised using no hormones or antibiotics. They range free across the lush plains and rolling hills of the 10,000-acre Ranch.
American Aberdeen Angus standing in front of a Wag-An™ Cow