Honeymoon Cottage

The Honeymoon Cottage was probably build in the 1910’s or 20’s, and was completely remodeled by the 10xXx. The house had been abandoned for more than 40 years, and when the contractor first drove up to inspect the house, he had to run cattle out of the house just to inspect it. Needless to say, the restoration was a labor of love for the ranch. The Honeymoon Cottage is a beautiful but small two bedroom cottage decorated as a romantic getaway type home with an old stone fence enclosing the yard. While the cottage sleeps only four and only has one bathroom, it is located in a unique part of the 10xXx known as the exotic pasture. The stone fence keeps Buffalo, Black Buck Antelope, Axis Deer and other exotics from sleeping on the front or back porch. The light and airy Honeymoon Cottage is a perfect place to take wildlife photographs and enjoy the solitude of an old time ranch homestead.