Mitchell Lake

The newest and largest lake on the 10xXx Ranch is Mitchell Lake. Built in 2007 and named after the owners of the ranch. The Mitchell’s built a concrete and earthen dam/spillway across the sometimes wild and treacherous Hill Creek. The lake impounds over 25 acres of water and is stocked with Black Bass, Crappie, Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish, and Bluegill. There are huge limestone fishing rocks located around the perimeter of the lake for unobstructed fishing.

Mitchell Lake has a four acre island in the center of the lake which is accessed by a 120 ft. bridge across the lake. The bridge is THE favorite water sport area on the ranch. Kids of all ages work up the nerve to jump from the bridge to the dark, deep waters of Mitchell Lake. The bridge was originally the Somervelle county bridge located on Hwy 144 between Glen Rose and Granbury. When the State of Texas decided to convert the old steel structured bridge to a modern concrete bridge in 2006, the 10xXx Ranch purchased it and remodeled it to a wood decked bridge for use on Mitchell Lake. The island also has a beach and volleyball area called “Some Beach” with a cookout grill and Adirondack chairs for sun bathers and parents.

Another spectacular feature of Mitchell Lake is the 50 ft. waterfall which flows from the cliffs overlooking Hill Creek into the Lake. The waterfall is located immediately across from the heavily shaded Brady Park.