Mockingbirds, Bluebirds, Robins, Cardinals, Songbirds and Other Birds

One of the favorite hobbies of the owners of the 10xXx Ranch (Joe and Connie Mitchell) is birdwatching. Each species of bird has its own culture which works for them. Some birds are just beautiful to look at, others are beautiful to listen to, and others are master builders, while still others are master thieves (sounds a lot like humans). The 10xXx Ranch has started a program of setting out Bluebird boxes to help them prosper, and the lake building program has drawn many new birds to the ranch such as Kingfishers and Redwing Blackbirds. Interestingly, the fish feeding program has drawn many more ducks and waterfowl. This fish feeding program also attract hawks and eagles who are attracted to the increase population of fish and small prey.