Newman & Hall Lake

When the Barnett Shale natural gas was discovered in nearby Johnson and Sumervell Counties, the 10xXx Ranch leased the ranch to explore for gas in 2004. Two gas wells were drilled with the stipulation that the energy company must also build a lake for fish and wildlife for each well drilled. Newman and Hall Lakes were built under that program. While the gas wells turned out to be non-producers, the ranch was permanently enhanced by their efforts by adding two new lakes. Newman Lake is now the major watering lake for White-tailed Deer and livestock on the east side of the mountain pasture. While the lake doesn’t get much fishing attention, it is well stocked. Both Newman and Hall Lakes have limited watershed areas, therefor their lake water levels vary greatly from season to season. The lakes were named from family names, Newman is Connie Mitchell’s maiden name, and Hall is Joe Mitchell’s mother’s maiden name.