Penny & Dime Lakes

The twin lakes on the far South end of the 10xXx Ranch are Penny & Dime Lakes. These two lakes were built in the 1970’s by the previous ranch owners. Penny & Dime Lake are named after the telecom products that were super successful during the 1990’s heyday of the long distance business. The products were called “Penny Call….make your tenth call for a penny, and Dime Line…make any call for 10 cents per minute.” Yes, it sounds corny by today’s standards, but Joe Mitchell enjoys paying tribute to the “one who brought me to the dance”. Every time someone questions the origin of the names Penny or Dime Lake, Joe recalls fond memories of the unexpected runaway success of his telecom business.

While Penny and Dime Lakes are on totally different surfaces drainage areas fed by different creeks, these two lakes are within 200 yards of each other. The lakes are stocked with Hybrid Striper Bass, Florida Black Bass, Blue Catfish, and many species of panfish. The largest bass on the ranch have been taken from these sister lakes. Both lakes have many stumps and trees throughout their waters, perfect for big fish to lurk. Penny Lake is home to the “Dog Trot Log Cabin” which overlooks the North end of the Lakes. Both lakes have docks extending out into the lake which make it great for fishermen. The two lakes are very picturesque and bucolic.