Red Deer

One of the largest deer species, the Red Deer (known locally as the European Red Stag or just Red Stag) inhabits most of Europe, Asia, and Northwestern Africa (the only deer to inhabit Africa). Red Deer are widely depicted in cave art and are found throughout European caves, with some of the artwork dating from 4,000 years ago. Named after their reddish brown color, Red Deer have been introduced to other areas of the world like New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina. Red Deer are ruminating animals like cattle (four chambered stomach, chewing cud) and graze on grass. The stags can get to 750 lb. and have antlers which start growing in the spring and are shed annually. The fourth and fifth tines of the stag’s antlers form a “crown” in larger males. Any tine(s) in excess of the fourth and fifth tine will grow radially from the “crown”. Antler growth is testosterone driven and as the stag’s testosterone levels drop in late summer the velvet is shed and the antlers stop growing. With the approach of autumn, the antlers begin to calcify and the stags testosterone production builds for the approaching rut (mating season). The 10xXx Ranch has a large herd of Red Stag. They are somewhat reclusive, but at certain times of the year their bravado and mating growls are remarkable.